An 88-year-old from Quatreborn crashed into two official cars parked for the visit of the President of Seychelles in front of the Prime Minister's Office. The octogenarian claims to have lost control following discomfort while driving. No occupants were present in the affected vehicles. An investigation is underway.

Pope Hennessy police in Port Louis are investigating a road accident that occurred on the afternoon of Wednesday January 31, 2024 in front of the Treasury building. A car driven by an 88-year-old from Quatreborn collided with two state cars, including that of the Prime Minister. They were parked in front of the Prime Minister's Office, at Rue de l'Intendance, Place d'Armes, as part of an official visit by the President of Seychelles, Wavel Ramkalawan.

No occupants were in the parked vehicles. According to initial indications from the police, the octogenarian lost control of his vehicle. When police officers helped him get out, he claimed to have been the victim of illness while driving. “I felt dizzy when I was driving. I had like a blackout,” he said.

It was at 3:40 p.m. that the PMO welcomed the Seychellois president for the official visit. A team of police officers was on the scene to control the situation. At one point, the Quatreborn resident, who was heading towards Place d'Armes, lost control of his vehicle before hitting the first state car.

He continued his momentum. Then he collided with the second official car, that is to say that of the PM. The octogenarian's vehicle ended its race against an electricity pylon a few meters away. In shock, the driver was called to get out of his car. The police officers already on the scene helped him.

Members of the SAMU, present in the official procession, provided him with first aid. The Emergency Response Service subjected him to a breathalyzer test which came back negative. He was then transported to the nearest hospital. His son was informed.

The two police officers who were responsible for driving the official vehicles were also each subjected to a breathalyzer test. The results are negative. The octogenarian's car, which is at the Pope Hennessy police station, has been sealed for the purposes of the investigation. As for the two official vehicles, they were examined by police and a state assessor for an estimate of the damage. They were used shortly after for VIP travel.

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