The police investigation into the ransacking of a Tuning garage, in Bel-Air Rivière-Sèche, on Wednesday, led to the arrest of singer Yannick Lafleur, alias Yankee, of the group Joker Cartel. On Friday, the latter and two of his accomplices were arrested and provisionally charged under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) and for premeditated assault before the Flacq court. Molotov cocktails were used during this settling of scores led by around fifteen hooded men armed with sabers and iron bars. Five vehicles were damaged during this show of force.

Other suspects are being sought. Sherihaz, the owner of the garage, claims that the gang had the wrong target. He says he has no disagreement with the Joker Cartel gang. “Zot desann ek kraz everywhere… In the end zot inn rat ladres,” he confides. According to the young man, they wanted to attack another individual who lives in Cité Argy. According to Sherihaz, his customers whose cars were damaged also filed complaints with the police.

The investigation is under the command of Superintendent of Police (SP) Vikash Babajee.

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