An open-heart diagnosis of the services offered by hospitals and other health centers… This is what we are offering you this morning in the show “Explik ou Ka”.

From the waiting room to the hospital ward, how do you judge your care journey? Is your health in good hands? Are you satisfied with the services offered by hospitals and other public health centers? Do you know your rights as a patient? Have you been sufficiently informed about your treatment? What could explain the delays in some cases? And in the event of medical negligence, what are your options?

What about the maintenance of equipment or infrastructure, knowing that the explosion of an oxygen cylinder in the intensive care unit of the Cardiac Center at the Nord hospital left two people injured last week? In addition, the Plaine-Lauzun medicine warehouse is infested with rats, according to the latest audit report, while leptospirosis is spreading in several regions and has already caused five deaths.

These questions will be addressed in the thematic program Explik ou Ka, on Radio-Plus, this morning. Priscilla Sadien receives Dr Bhooshun Ori, Director General of Health Services, of the supervisory ministry.

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