The provisional charge of criminal conspiracy against Sherry Singh was struck out by magistrate Naazish Sakauloo in the Port-Louis Court on Monday. This decision follows a statement from Vijay Nuckchedy of the police prosecution to this effect.

Upon leaving the court, Sherry Singh thanked her lawyers and relatives and expressed her confidence in justice. He asserted that “burdens gradually disappear, because whether it is domination or revenge, it is up to God to decide.”

As a reminder, on May 15, Me Urmila Boolell, Senior Counsel and lawyer for Sherry Singh, requested the removal of the provisional charge of criminal conspiracy brought against her client before the Port-Louis court.

Note that the former CEO of Mauritius Telecom was provisionally accused of criminal conspiracy with Danesh Ellayah for an alleged fraud of several million dollars linked to a 4K Smart Boxes contract in 2018. This motion from Sherry Singh came after the provisional charge of criminal conspiracy brought against Danesh Ellayah was withdrawn on April 25.

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