A resident of Quatre-Bornes was the victim of a scam when she tried to rent a house after an ad on Facebook. Thinking of making a payment to secure the rental, she was defrauded of Rs 10,000 by the duo Priscilla N. and Humaira. She would not be the only victim of this tandem.

A Quatreborn resident was the victim of a well-crafted scam on the Web. The duo Priscilla N. and Humaira on Facebook defrauded her of the sum of Rs 10,000, while she thought she was making a payment for the rental of a house. But she eventually figured out the deception. Around a hundred people were allegedly victims of this scheme.

But the police are dealing with only one complaint at the moment. An investigation has been opened. It is an announcement published on Facebook which serves to bait the victims. The Quatrebornaise was fooled like this. While browsing the social network on Monday May 6, 2024, she discovered this notice, which had been posted by the woman named Priscilla N. The advert listed a house for rent. The complainant quickly expressed interest in this three-bedroom house. “Mo konn sa lakaz la bien. Mo ti pe res laba lontan,” she said in a statement given to Défi Quotidien.

She says she then contacted Priscilla N. who then put her in touch with another person, someone named Humaira. “Linn dir mwa Juice li Rs 10,000 ek ki li pou fer mwa gagn lakle lakaz la,” adds the victim. Excited at the idea of ​​becoming the tenant of this highly coveted house, she made the bank transfer.

She was scheduled to receive the keys on Wednesday May 8, 2024. But she claims that Priscilla N. did not honor her promises. Worried, the complainant began to question residents. She was stunned. She learned that the house was already on rent for a monthly rent of Rs 18,000.

“Bann kamarad mo ser dir mwa sa lakaz la ti pe lwe Rs 18,000. Zot ti pe found sa sum Rs 10,000 la paret drol,” she said. Having still not received the keys to the house, she asked to be reimbursed, in vain. She went directly to see the owner of the place. “She was surprised to learn that an ad had been posted, without her knowledge, to rent her house,” adds the complainant.

The Quatre-Bornes police have opened an investigation with a view to tracing the scammer behind this Facebook profile. On social networks, two managers of a real estate agency, at the end of last week, directly accused Priscilla N. and Humaira.

They accuse these people of having used photos published by their agency to defraud victims looking for a house to rent. Around a hundred people were victims of this scam instigated by the tandem.

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