Development in the investigation into the fatal attack of a Mauritian in India. Belapur police have arrested a 20-year-old man and two girls aged 16 and 17 for the alleged murder of 53-year-old Navin Kumar Baboo, whose body was found in a trench in Parsik Hill area on Saturday. According to the Indian online site, Hindustan Times, the man, identified as Sayyed Mustaken Khan, was arrested late Sunday night and remanded in police custody until May 22, while the girls were apprehended Monday morning and sent to a children's home in Bhiwandi.

Navin Kumar Baboo, originally from Triolet, held the Overseas Citizen of India. He had over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry and had moved to India with his son about eight months ago in search of better job opportunities. He and his son lived on rent in Shahbaz village, and they last spoke on Friday afternoon, when Baboo told him he was going to meet friends, the Hindustan Times reports.

According to the online newspaper, during investigation, it was found that the friends Baboo planned to meet were the two minor girls, who lived near Natraj Theater in Chembur and sold coloring books at Belapur junction for win their life.

“Khan and Baboo lived in the same neighborhood and had become friends over the past few months. Baboo met the underage girls through Khan and began spending time with them regularly. The same routine was to be followed on Friday,” said an officer involved in the investigation, according to the Hindustan Times newspaper.

Navin Kumar Baboo met the girls at Belapur railway station and went with them towards Parsik Hill on a bike, where he drank beer while the girls had cold drinks, the officer said.

“After drinking, he appeared to misbehave with the girls despite their objections, prompting them to attack him with stones. One of the girls also informed Khan about the incident. He rushed to the scene and joined the girls to attack him with stones until he fell into the trench,” the officer noted.

The police got hold of the accused through their network after learning from sources that a fight had broken out at Parsik Hill.

“Through our network, it was established that Khan was present during the fight. After further questioning, he confessed to the crime and was remanded in custody until May 22. The girls were sent to the children's home in Bhiwandi. We are trying to ascertain whether there was any other motive behind the murder,” said assistant police inspector Suresh Dambare.

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