The eight suspects involved in the murder in Camp-Yoloff were incarcerated at Beau-Bassin prison on the orders of the magistrate of the Port-Louis court.

Investigators from the Major Crime Investigation Team will begin the second phase of the investigation this week by questioning those who accompanied the victim, Goolam Khodabux.

No less than five people were identified, traveling in two cars and armed with sabers when they arrived at Camp Yoloff on May 3.

The investigation into the murder of the victim, Goolam Khodabux, is almost complete, with the suspects having already provided their versions of the facts. All admitted to assaulting Goolam Khodabux, except suspect Nadeem Bheekun, claiming to have tried to calm the spirits at the scene. The latter explains that he was not armed, and this is confirmed by images from Safe City cameras in the possession of investigators. However, he can be seen wearing a balaclava in these images.

At the same time, investigators will interview people present with Goolam Khodabux on the day of the attack. While some will be heard as witnesses, others will face a provisional charge of weapons possession.

The auditions will take place this week at the Central Barracks. As for the suspects' next appearance, it is scheduled in two months before the Bail and Remand Court.

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