• “Mo pa finn arete parski mo finn panike”

The investigation into the hit-and-run which caused the death of Tina Mudoo, 34, in Crève-Cœur, on the evening of Wednesday, June 5, saw significant developments on the afternoon of Thursday. Police arrested the driver of a van. He is a 65-year-old laborer who lives in this village located in the north of the island. He confessed. He said he panicked and continued on his way. On Friday June 7, he was charged with a provisional charge of manslaughter in the Pamplemousses court.

The Field Intelligence Unit and the Force Criminal Intelligence Unit of Montagne-Longue did everything possible to find the driver. They had received information that two vehicles could have hit Tina Mudoo. Investigators managed to find two vehicles which took this road at the time of the tragedy. So on Thursday June 6, they went to the home of a 65-year-old laborer who lives in the locality. The police also arrested another resident of Crève-Cœur, aged 44. He was driving a 4×4.

Investigators questioned the plowman. He confessed what had happened. “Mo mem kinn tap ar sa madam la pre kot la plenn football ar mo kamionet. Monn tap ar lior flan gos. Mo pa finn arete parski mo finn panike,” the driver admitted. He is in detention.

The other driver denied any involvement in this accident. He was released on parole. He went to the police station again on Friday June 7. The breathalyzer test for both drivers was negative. Both vehicles were taken to the police station for examination.

Tina Mudoo's family was shocked when they heard this sad news. “It was around 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday that I was alerted that our sister had been the victim of a fatal hit-and-run,” Kevin Mudoo, the victim's brother, told us with difficulty. She leaves two daughters and a little boy. His funeral took place Thursday afternoon.

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