This Sunday at 3 p.m., at the Celebs restaurant in Bagatelle, the singer Bigg Frankii and his mother Dolly will face the Tiktokeur Nenen and his mother Rouby, during the grand final of the “Super Maman” game, organized by Radio Plus and TéléPlus at the occasion of Mother's Day.

Nenen and Rouby qualify for the final

Nenen and Rouby are qualified for the grand final.

This Saturday, May 26, the Celebs restaurant in Bagatelle was the scene of the second elimination phase of the Super Maman game. This stage pitted Nenen and his mother Rouby against Sandeep and his mother Aarrtee.

The first test, dedicated to cleaning, took place in an atmosphere of frank camaraderie. The two Tiktokers, Sandeep and Nenen, had to remove flour and confetti using a long-handled broom and a small shovel, all in 45 seconds, under the encouragement of their respective mothers. It was Sandeep who won this first event.

The second game tested the culinary skills of the participants. They had to prepare a candy apple chatini for two people in two minutes, with the wise advice of their mothers. Afterwards, they had an additional minute to refine their chatini. Chef Bruce of Celebs Restaurant checked and tasted both condiments. Nenen's was the best prepared.

The game continued with the third test, where the candidates had to pour two cups of milk into an empty bottle. Both candidates filled their bottles equally, but because Nenen finished first, he won the event.

The last test was a quiz where each candidate had to answer three general knowledge questions. Nenen and her mother Rouby won by correctly answering a question. After the points were counted, they were declared winners of the game, thus qualifying for the final.

Bigg Frankii and Dolly: “An opportunity to have a good time with my mom”

big franki
Bigg Frankii and his mother Dolly.

Facing singer Abel and his mother Vanessa, it was Bigg Frankii and his mother Dolly who won the elimination phase which was held on Friday May 24. The duo thus qualified for the final.

“We are ready for the final. We don’t see it as a competition, but rather as an opportunity to have a good time with my mom,” confides Bigg Frankii, known for his many hits.

For him, his mother embodies the very model of the Super Mom. “My mother always worked hard to provide for us. She did her best to ensure that my brother and I never lacked anything and never felt left out. We are participating in this game because we have an exceptional bond and I am convinced that we will have a great time,” confides Bigg Frankii, 25, whose real name is Junior Louis Franco Georgin.

Nenen and Rouby: “Luck was on our side”

Better known as Nenen.sax on TikTok, Pouvanen Moodelly, 21, and his mother Rouby, 57, are very satisfied with their first participation. “We had a great time. This is the first time we have participated in a game together and I am very happy. Luck was on our side. For us, it’s for fun,” emphasizes Nenen.

He confides that with his mother, they are best friends: “With mother, sometimes we are not on the same wavelength, but we always end up understanding each other, because we have a very strong bond. I can talk to him about everything, because my mom is like a friend. I am also a musician and it was my mother who encouraged me to do music. »

The final from 3 p.m.

The Super Maman final will be held this Sunday, May 26, from 3 p.m., at the Celebs restaurant. Those wishing to attend the final can reserve their place by calling Krish on 5753 9054.

You can extend your pleasure at Celebs with a dinner complete with entertainment, gifts to win and many surprises. The evening starts at 7 p.m. and costs Rs 950 per person. For more information, visit the Celebs Restaurant Facebook page. Reservations and further information are available by calling 5753 9054.

The Super Mom game is sponsored by Courts Mammouth, Anchor Life, Appletiser, Edith, Celebs Restaurant, Mayil Spices, Let's Party & co Ltd and Ichos Productions.

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