For about a year, a gang made up of around fifty students has been spreading terror in a college in the South. This “well-organized” group, according to teachers, increases acts of intimidation and violence against other students and teaching staff. The Ministry of Education says that “corrective measures will be taken”.

They are aged 14 to 16 years old. They attend a southern state college. There are around fifty of them. And for a year, these students have been sowing terror within their establishment with impunity. “Dissatisfied, they removed a guardrail located upstairs as a sign of protest,” it says. This act of vandalism is not the only one on their record. “The gang broke a lot of windows in the college theater. These students also damaged water pipes. They also set fire to a tree located in the college courtyard,” it says.

Le Défi Plus obtained images showing the acts of vandalism perpetrated by this group of troublemakers. The latter themselves published videos on TikTok which show another student being slapped several times in the college toilets.

Acts of violence are not just limited to students. “Last September, a member of the gang physically attacked a teacher,” says a source. The situation is such that teachers go to work with fear in their stomachs. “We fear for our safety and for our respective means of transport which are parked not far from the establishment,” confides one of them on condition of anonymity.

The situation apparently got worse last week. “The college management obviously has no control over them. This is why they do what they want,” testifies a teacher anonymously. There were attempts at mediation and disciplinary sanctions were imposed.

But nothing happens. “Management is limited to temporary dismissals. This is not the solution,” maintains the teacher. He adds that the college management took the initiative to temporarily suspend the physical activities of the students concerned as punishment. A measure considered insufficient by the teaching staff, according to him. “These students must be permanently expelled from college,” believes the teacher.

Reached by telephone, the Ministry of Education said it was “aware” of the situation in this state college. An investigation, he said, has been opened. “The ministry will be intransigent towards the troublemaker(s). Measures will be taken to serve as examples. The ministry will never condone this type of behavior within a school or even elsewhere,” we conclude.

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