Navin Kumar Baboo, 53, had left the country in the hope of a better future. In a statement to RadioPlus this Monday afternoon, May 20, his cousin, Teeruth Baboo, explains that the sommelier, who worked in the hotel industry, had been completely unbalanced after the Covid-19 episode. He then lost his job.

The body of Navin Kumar Baboo was found in a ditch in Belapur, India yesterday, according to the Hindustan Times. The latter holds the Overseas Citizenship of India.

The police suspect that the victim, from Triolet, had his head crushed with a stone by an unidentified person. Two large stones and a motorcycle were found at the crime scene.

According to the Hindustan Times online site, Navin Kumar Baboo was in India looking for a job in the hotel industry. He and his 22-year-old son had settled in Shahbaz village in Belapur.

His son Rudish took up a job in a three-star hotel four days ago.
Navin Kumar Baboo was still looking for a job and had interviewed in various hotels.

According to police, it was the motorcycle's registration that led investigators to the victim's son.
So far, investigation indicates that Navin Kumar Baboo came out of his house last Friday at 4 p.m. and informed his son that he was going to meet a friend.

The theory of theft was quickly abandoned by the police, because a silver bracelet and a ring were found intact on the body. The deceased's phone is missing and the police are looking for it. His funeral will take place in Mumbai this afternoon.

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