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Kendy Antoine
Thu 02/08/2024 – 11:00

Keats College hails its first laureate

• Siddhish Jogiah: “Enn grand pride pou mwa”

He is the pride of his family, his college and his entire village in Chemin-Grenier. Siddhish Jogiah is the first HSC Pro winner from Keats College. He explains that he persevered a lot to achieve his goal. “Pa ti fasil, ti ena presion. Monn aprann. Monn manz ar li ek travay dir,” confides the schoolboy, in the presence of his parents and his grandmother. He says he had all the necessary supervision. “My teachers helped me a lot. For two years I have given my all to my studies. I was confident of the result. »

On Wednesday, when the winners were announced, he was still in bed. When he learned that his name was on the list, he jumped with joy. “My husband kontan. Enn great pride for mwa, for the kolez, enn loner sa. » He wants to study computer science abroad.

His father, Randeer, had a day full of emotions. “I was at work when colleagues came to congratulate me. I didn't yet realize what was happening. Then I looked at my cell phone and I received a lot of calls and messages. My mom called me to tell me the good news. This moved me. This result rewards all the efforts he had to make to get there. We trusted him and today it is paying off. He brings honor to the family, the college and the village. We thank his teachers and his rector who told us that he was in good hands and to trust him,” he confides with great joy.

His mother is very moved. “Se enn sirpriz pour nou. Li manz ar li. Hard work country. Li finn ekrir listwar pour 60 ans so kolez,” she said. The same goes for his grandmother: “Enn gran fierte linn fer lorea. »

First winner for the Lorette college in Mahébourg • Nolwenn Lagaillarde makes history

In 52 years of existence, Lorette College in Mahébourg is celebrating its first laureate. Nolwenn Lagaillarde was able to meet this challenge. She is the first to stand out for this 2023 vintage in the HSC Pro Scholarships. “Mo pa ti atann ki mo pou vinn loreat. My husband kontan,” confides the resident of Bambous-Virieux, with a smile on her lips.

But she held on. “Monn zis revize. Pou mwa dan mo latet, mo ti dir mo bizin donnnn tou,” she explains. But it was far from a foregone conclusion. “Mo ti found li difisil,” continues the schoolgirl, talking about her exams. “Mo ti inpe dekouraze. Bann kestion ti blur dan mo latet. We don’t know if I respond well or not,” she adds.

From now on, she plans to work while studying. “I’m interested in foreign languages ​​like Spanish,” she says. His mother, Sophia, is delighted. ” I did not expect that. To tell you the truth, she likes to have fun. But she knew how to manage entertainment and studies. It’s a source of pride,” she confides.

For Martine Cotte, the rector of the college, this long-awaited consecration is historic. “The college has existed for 52 years, almost 53 years. We always had hope that one day we would have a winner. We relied heavily on the HSC Pro. Whether it is the teachers or the administration, we have always believed in our students because they are capable of it,” she explained after the announcement of the names.

She would like to thank the former rector of the college who believed in this project. “We were the pioneers among Lorette colleges at the HSC Pro level. It paid off. We feel immense joy,” explains the manager.

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