“We clearly understood that the PTP is Jean Michel Lee Shim. This is a first observation that we must all make. The PTP must stop its horse racing activities, because it is not up to the task. The MTC's mission is to organize the races. We are obviously interested in organizing the races. The year 2022 showed us that cohabitation was not possible with the PTP. The MTC, through its subsidiary, the MTC Jockey Club Ltd, has already started talks to take over the organization of the races. The conditions must, however, be discussed and agreed with the GRA and COIREC. We have no intention of fighting with the authorities or anyone. It is for this reason that in 2023 and 2024, we were not takers, because we did not want to fight for cohabitation with the PTP. So, we say we can resume the organization of races next year, we say we have the 'know how', we say we have the experience, we say we have the support of our members, but by -above all, we have the unwavering support of the public. We can say that if tomorrow (next year) we start racing again, several stables and not the least of them, will come back and with new horses. I don't think the horse racing industry is going to die, far from it. The PTP poses as the savior. MTC does not pose as the savior. For us, this is our mission. And if they want us, whatever government is in place, we will be present.”

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