• The foreign national positive in the breathalyzer test

Bunga Ngwwnya is being investigated for manslaughter and drink-driving. This Nigerian student was traced and then arrested shortly after a hit-and-run on the highway heading south near Trianon on the morning of Sunday June 2, 2024. An accident which cost the life of Geeandeo Rajee, a 58-year-old motorcyclist years.

The breathalyzer test carried out on the foreign national came back positive. He was kept in police detention until his indictment in court this Monday, June 3, 2024. The student, who lives in Quatre-Bornes, was on his way home after a night out. He will be called upon, in the days to come, to provide his version of the accident to the Rose-Hill police who opened an investigation after being called to the scene.

The death of Geeandeo Rajee, a married resident of Tranquebar and father of three children, was noted by emergency doctors from the Samu at the scene of the hit-and-run. The autopsy carried out by Dr Prem Chamane, Police Medical Officer, attributed the death of the fifty-year-old to a neck fracture.

At the deceased's home in Tranquebar, there was shock. His wife Malinee and daughter Aditee are inconsolable. The latter demands justice and severe sanctions against the driver. “Nounn aprann li ti sou. Or pa kapav bwar, kondwir ek tir lavi inosan lor semin. Lalwa bizin bien sever kont dimounn koumsa,” she says in a statement given to Défi Media Group.

She says she received a call from the police on Sunday morning informing her that her father had been the victim of an accident on the highway near Trianon. According to Aditee, the driver dragged his father's motorcycle for a few meters before continuing on his way. “Li tap ar li, trenn li lor semin, apre kit li kontign ale,” she explains. She deplores the fact that an entire family is suffering today. “Li bien sagrinan manier linn perdi lavi,” she said, devastated.

What she regrets most is not having been able to speak to him on Sunday morning before he left the house. Geeandeo Rajee was a real hard worker who even worked on Sundays to ensure the well-being of his family. Aditee says her father was a true inspiration to her. “Monn eksplik mo papa mo bann proze fitir. Li ti dir mwa li pou ed mwa. Zordi li nepli la. Mo pa kone ar kisann la pou koze,” she said, crying.

60 victims since the start of the year, seven more deaths than in 2023

Black weekend on our roads with five deaths recorded. If the death of Geeandeo Rajee brought the number of victims on our roads to 58 from January 1 to June 2, 2024, two other road users lost their lives on Sunday. Which now means 60 deaths on our roads since the start of the year. At the end of May 2023, the police had recorded 53 deaths on our roads during this same period. Which makes seven more deaths recorded for 2024 so far.

Malinee, the wife of the deceased: “tou so bol manze inn fane lor semin”

Malinee, the deceased's wife, can't believe the fate her family has suffered. “Zordi (Sunday June 2, 2024; Editor’s note) before he went out, he said he could win boner lakaz,” she confides. She said she rushed to the hospital after learning of the accident. “Zot inn dir mwa so leta bien grave,” she said. Malinee confides that before leaving the house on Sunday, she handed him his meal. “Tou so bol manze inn fane lor semin,” she said. The widow calls for strict laws in such situations.

Compulsory wearing of seat belts: toughening of tone proves effective

At the Central Barracks, Inspector Shiva Coothen of the Police Public Relations Office specifies that the toughening of the tone vis-à-vis the law making the wearing of seat belts compulsory for all passengers in a vehicle is effective. He specifies that the police have issued quite a few tickets for the offense of non-wearing of seat belts by passengers in the rear seats. “Each time, two fines are issued. First the driver and second the passenger if he is an adult. » This is the offense of “failing to wear seatbelt” under the Road Traffic Act, explains Shiva Coothen.

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