He had been operating a dental practice in Goodlands without a license since 2022. Samud Nohur, 50, was arrested this Wednesday, June 5. His assistant, Ali Mangoo, aged 33, who is indeed a dentist, was also arrested. It was during an operation carried out this afternoon by bloodhounds from the DCIU Northern and a team from the ERS. And this, in front of a long queue of patients waiting to have their teeth extracted.

The fake dentist first presented himself to investigators as a “dental mechanic”. He had just finished a consultation on a patient with the assistance of Ali Mangoo, the real dentist. The two acolytes had been in partnership for two years. This is one of the first elements that Samud Nohur provided to investigators.

Faced with investigators, Ali Mangoo maintained that he was the employee of Samud Nohur and that the latter performed dental extractions and surgical interventions on his patients. He was also responsible for keeping the money and managing the office. And this major revelation from the one who had the role of assistant: Samud Nohur does not hold a license to practice.

Faced with these revelations, Samud Nohur was, in turn, subjected to a series of questions from investigators. The false dentist then had to say: “Mo dakor, mo finn fer enn erer. Donn mwa enn sans,” he begged. A search carried out on the premises resulted in the seizure of nine boxes containing 50 vials suspected of containing “cocaine”. The street value of this drug is estimated at Rs 2 million.

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