Hans Heeroo is talking about him again. He had published photos of himself on his Facebook account, with wads of cash and jewelry, in 2017. He is once again accused of assault and kidnapping. He is said to have an aggressive and dangerous temperament and is on file.

The ex-girlfriend of Hans Heeroo, aged 34, accuses him of having kidnapped and assaulted her. This resident of a northern village claims that she experienced martyrdom.

On Friday January 26, her ex-boyfriend allegedly asked her to come and live in his house on Avenue Osman Khodabaccus, in Beau-Bassin. And his ordeal would have started on the night of January 30. “Around midnight, I told him I was planning to go home. Which upset him and he stopped me from doing it,” she relates.

Helpless and terrified, she says he brutalized her and went berserk. “He locked the doors and stopped me from leaving the house. He beat me violently to force me to stay in the house,” the woman said. She was unable to communicate with the outside world. “He had confiscated my phone and was rejecting all incoming calls,” she adds. “He had fun filming the scene when he dominated me and threatened to distribute these images on the web in order to tarnish my reputation. »

But, determined and courageous, on February 17, she took advantage of a moment of inattention on the part of her alleged torturer to escape. She took his car to return to her relatives in the north of the island. On Monday February 19, she filed a complaint at the Beau-Bassin police station. She accuses her ex-boyfriend of kidnapping.

The Beau-Bassin Criminal Investigation Division, headed by Chief Inspector Mooneesawmy and led by Sergeant Ram, arrested Hans Heeroo. The police had to force an entrance to gain access to his house, which was barricaded like a fortress.

He faces a provisional charge of false imprisonment and is in custody. During questioning, he rejected his ex-girlfriend's allegations.


This is not the first time that this Beau-Bassin resident has been accused of assault and kidnapping. On April 14, 2018, a 28-year-old woman accused him of these same offenses. He also allegedly threatened her at her home in Beau-Bassin.

“Si to pa le konpran, tu to ledwa pou sote. To pity, letan li pe zwe boul lor sime, mo pou pass lor moto, mo pou tap ar li ek mo pou zet li ou mo pou pass dan lotto ek mo pou pran li enn sel ale,” he would have told him.

To rescue this woman, the police had to call on the firefighters to force the armored door of her home.

Hans Heeroo also had to deal with the anti-drug squad (Adsu). In March 2021, the Rose Hill Adsu, led by Chief Inspector Ashik Jagai, caught him red-handed. 126 packages of synthetic drugs were found in his home. The next day, during a new search, Adsu discovered 50.5 g of synthetic drugs in a loudspeaker.

In October 2016, he refused access to his home to Adsu sleuths. He had threatened the police with three ferocious and aggressive dogs. He had ordered a Rottweiler to attack the police officers who were in front of his house. One of them was bitten in the head and abdomen and was hospitalized. He was found guilty in Rose Hill court and sentenced to one year in prison.

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