Since a young age, Mohammad Amirkhan Abdool Khan has taken care of his mother and older brother who suffered from mental health issues. Today, he finds himself faced with administrative obstacles, because his mother no longer has an identity document. He appeals to the authorities for help.

Some would see it as a heavy burden. But not Mohammad Amirkhan Abdool Khan. Because it is out of love for his family that the 23-year-old young man takes care of his mother and his older brother, aged 24, who both suffer from mental health problems. Since the death of his father Sohel Ahmud Ally Khan Abdoolah Khan in 2019, when Amirkhan Abdool Khan was only 18 years old, he has become the pillar of the family.

In the small town of NHDC Lane, in Trou-aux-Biches, young Amirkhan tirelessly watches over his mother Farzana Abdul Khadir Abdoolah Khan, 46, who suffers from psychiatric disorders, as well as his brother Dhanish, who suffers from mental deficiencies. Farzana Abdul Khadir Abdoolah Khan is from India. She entered into a civil marriage with the Mauritian Sohel Ahmud Ally Khan Abdoolah Khan on March 14, 1999 in India. After their union, she applied for and obtained an Indian passport in the name of Farzana Sohel Abdoolah Khan, with whom she traveled to Mauritius on May 31, 2000. To this union were born two boys, Amirkhan and Dhanish, who grew up in Mauritius.

In 2005, the family's life was turned upside down when Farzana was diagnosed with psychiatric disorders. She then began to undergo treatment at the Brown-Séquard hospital. At that time, Amirkhan was only 4 years old and his brother Dhanish was 5. Despite their young age, the two boys had to adapt to a life marked by their mother's illness. Their father, Sohel, was the pillar of the family until his death in 2019 at the age of 47 following a heart attack. His disappearance left the family in disarray, without financial or moral support.

Resilient and determined, Amirkhan, who was only 18 years old at the time, took on the responsibility of head of the family. He devotes himself to his mother and brother, taking care of them despite the many difficulties. Dhanish attends the APEIM school, and Amirkhan ensures that he continues his studies despite his mental disabilities.

Her mother's disability pension, while necessary, is not enough to cover all monthly expenses. To support his family, Amirkhan got a job as a Beach Hawker. Although this work is difficult and often poorly paid, it allows him to make ends meet.

On April 12, 2023, the Supreme Court Family Division judge appointed Amirkhan as his mother's legal guardian. This decision follows a favorable report from the ministry and the absence of objection from the Curator of Vacant Estates. This official status allows Amirkhan to better protect his mother's interests and manage her legal and administrative affairs. Legal recognition of his role is a crucial step in his fight for the well-being of his family.

However, the family faces administrative challenges. Farzana has lost her Indian passport and no longer has an identity document. Although she has spent 25 years in Mauritius and receives a disability pension, she finds herself in a complex administrative situation. Amirkhan sought help from the Indian embassy, ​​but was told that his mother had to return to India to renew her passport. “She is in no condition to travel. How will she leave the country? » asks Amirkhan.

A better future

He appeals to the authorities to obtain an identity card for his mother, which would facilitate future administrative procedures. “I am appealing to the authorities concerned to ensure that my mother obtains her identity card. If something happens to her tomorrow, it will be easier for us to take the steps for her,” said the young man. He hopes that administrative procedures can be simplified so that his mother can live with dignity in Mauritius.

Amirkhan is probably the kind of son every parent would want to have. His ability to take on such heavy responsibilities at such a young age is admirable. In addition to his family obligations, Amirkhan never fails to fulfill his religious obligations, performing his five daily prayers diligently. He draws his strength of character and his resilience in the face of life's trials from this spiritual and moral commitment.

Her story is a poignant testimony of dedication and resilience in the face of adversity. Amirkhan's courage and determination to overcome obstacles and take care of his family is remarkable. Despite administrative challenges and financial constraints, he continues to fight to ensure a better future for his mother and brother.

Her story is a powerful reminder of the strength of the human spirit and the importance of family. In a world often marked by individualism, Amirkhan's dedication is a breath of fresh air. Thus, Amirkhan's life is a true lesson in courage, self-sacrifice and perseverance. As his mother's legal guardian, he proved that he was willing to do anything for his family. Her story deserves to be told and recognized because it inspires and demonstrates that even in the most difficult times, family love can give us the strength to keep moving forward.

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