A suspected drug dealer has been incapacitated and his cache of drugs discovered by the drug squad. Thursday, May 6, sleuths from the Anti-Drug & Smuggling Unit (Adsu) carried out a search of a house in Camp-La-Boue, Terre-Rouge. Their target: Michel Jocelyn Jeanne, a professional welder. Sergeant Mohun's squad had precise information according to which this man, very active in the drug addiction scene in Karo Kalyptis, Roche-Bois, was hiding his drugs in a house in Terre-Rouge.

When the police combed a family home, their doubts were confirmed with the discovery of a plastic bag containing heroin, as well as two sachets containing 198 doses of heroin in aluminum foil, already ready to be distributed. be sold on the drug market.

According to the anti-drug squad, the heroin seized is valued at nearly Rs 1.8 million. The alleged dealer was put behind bars. He is the subject of a provisional charge of “drug trafficking” before the Rivière-du-Rempart court. This investigation is being supervised by Assistant Superintendents of Police (ASP) Rohomutally and Hossanee.

On the same day in the afternoon, another squad of the anti-drug squad raided Karo Kalyptis. Their target, a suspicious-looking man who had a backpack in his possession. Chased by police officers operating in plain clothes, this individual fled, throwing his backpack into the debris. The police recovered the bag which was filled with psychotropic drugs: Mogadon, Pregabalin and Rivotril. The sale of these tablets, listed under the Dangerous Drugs Act, is strictly controlled by the government. An investigation has started with a view to tracking down this dealer.

A 39-year-old woman attacked with a sword

Saturday morning, a violent attack took place in Cité Jean Blaise, Pointe-aux-Sables. Claudine, 39, was attacked with a sword by a local resident, a man named Brandon, and an accomplice named Ricardo. They believed that she had reported one of their friends to the police. She was taken to Dr AG Jeetoo Hospital for urgent treatment.

The attack happened around 11 a.m. Claudine, a housewife, was sitting in front of her residence when the man named Brandon approached and threatened her before striking her in the left thigh with a sword hidden under her shirt.

The cut caused significant bleeding, and witnesses quickly called for help. In the confusion, Brandon and Ricardo tried to flee by throwing stones, injuring other people. The police, alerted, quickly intervened and secured the sword left there by the attacker. Claudine was rushed to hospital. An investigation was opened to find and apprehend the attackers.

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