In order to make scholarship programs more equitable and ensure that all beneficiary students receive the necessary support, the criteria for these programs have been revised, said Renganaden Padayachy this Friday, June 7, during the presentation of the 2024-2025 Budget this afternoon. Here are the points announced:

The living allowance for beneficiaries of all scholarship programs is increased by 50%, whether they are studying locally or abroad.

Holders of the HSC Professional Scholarship will now benefit from a full scholarship and living allowance, replacing the current stipend of Rs 400,000.

The 50 winners of the additional scholarship program, based on merit and social criteria, will benefit from a significant increase. They will thus receive an annual financial subsidy ranging from Rs 400,000 to Rs 600,000 if they study abroad. Additionally, those studying locally will receive an annual stipend of between Rs 105,600 and Rs 150,000, as well as support for tuition fees and other related charges ranging from Rs 150,000 to Rs 225,000.

Beneficiaries of the grant for children from vulnerable families studying locally will benefit from an increase in the annual living allowance to Rs 100,000.

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