Based on intelligence, a team from the Northern Division's Divisional Supporting Unit (DSU), led by Inspector Sadasing, carried out a hunt in a forest in Arsenal at around 9am on Wednesday morning. At the scene, officers spotted a plastic bag placed under a tree. The way it had been hidden immediately caught their attention. Upon inspecting the package, they discovered three pellets wrapped in black adhesive tape. Police later confirmed it was a synthetic drug. The evidence was transferred to the Adsu office in Grand-Baie. On site, the bloodhounds carried out a weighing exercise and the scales indicated 549 grams. The street value of this drug is estimated at Rs 1.7 million.

People who took the road leading to this forest land located in Arsenal were questioned by the police after the discovery of the illicit products. Everyone said they had not seen anything suspicious. Police have no suspects in this case. Samples will be sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) for analysis.

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