Yesterday, a shocking scene took place in a classroom of a primary school in Hautes Plaines-Wilhems. Two sixth-grade students, aged just 12, were visibly under the influence of alcohol and vomiting.

One of them even made threats towards his classmates, thus alerting the attention of their teacher. He quickly informed the schoolteacher, who in turn contacted the police.

At the scene, a “caretaker” from the school gave the police two bottles, one containing beer and the other rum, as well as a can of energy drink. It is strongly suspected that the two students consumed these drinks.

They were taken to Candos Hospital, where one of them was admitted. His condition is considered stable. The latter's mother, shocked by the situation, points out that her son had already been the victim of “bullying” at school.

Despite our attempts, we were unable to get a reaction from the school teacher.

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