On Tuesday May 21, 2024, a 35-year-old woman, an entertainer in hotels and residing in Camp-Levieux, filed a complaint at the local police station concerning a case of Breach of ICTA (Sextortion). According to the declarant, between 2016 and 2017, she had taken several nude photos of herself and her friend, 32 years old, who works in the same profession and lives in the same locality as her. These photos, although deleted, recently fell into the hands of a malicious individual.

The declarant says that on Monday May 20, 2024, around 12:36 p.m., while she was at home, she received several screenshots and a 46-second video via the Live Messenger of her Facebook account. This video showed thirteen nude photos of herself and her friend, taken from one Mike Rhodes.

In the space of two days, she received around fifteen messages from this same Mike Rhodes. The latter threatened to publish these compromising photos on Facebook if she did not give in to his demands for sexual favors. The messages were explicit and terrifying, and the blackmailer seemed determined to carry out his threats if his demands were not met.

Terrified by the prospect of seeing her private life exposed to the public and her name dragged through the mud, the host immediately alerted the authorities. She fears not only for her own reputation, but also that of her friend.

Law enforcement is actively investigating to find and arrest the suspect.

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