Manav Deena and Dhritee Jagmohansing were 19 years old

They had the future before them. They had their minds full of projects. But Manav Deena and Dhritee Jagmohansing will never accomplish them. These young people, who were 19 years old, were suddenly torn from life. They died instantly during a collision between the motorcycle they were on and a heavy goods vehicle. The accident took place around 4 p.m. on Thursday February 1, 2024 on the road from Gentilly to Moka.

The two young people were thrown to the side of the road. The motorcycle, driven by the young man, remained stuck under the wheels of the truck. Alerted, the Moka police quickly intervened. The Samu also went to the scene, but it was already too late.

The bodies were taken to the morgue of the Victoria Hospital in Candos for autopsy. Exercise which took place Thursday evening. Seriously injured in the face, the police took time before being able to identify Manav Deena. Dhritee Jagmohansing, fondly called Shristee, had her identity card with her.

Anil Deena, the young man's dad, tries to hold on. He thus remembers the last conversation he had with his son. “Ver 2 zer mo ti pe slept. Linn dir mwa li pe exited. Monn demann li kot li pe ale. Li dir li pe al Brisée-Verdière kot enn kamarad. Monn demann li kifer. Linn dir mwa bann zafer mekanik sa. Mo pa pou konpran. Linn dir mwa li pe al lor motosiklet. Monn demann li si li pe al tousel. Linn dir mwa wi, ki li pou tousel. “I don’t think it’s long,” he says.

However, a few hours passed and her son still had not returned. It was only around 7 p.m. that he learned that he had been the victim of a serious road accident. “Police officers came to the house. They told us to bring his ID and birth certificate. I asked them what happened. I then had confirmation that my son did not survive this accident,” said the father, his heart heavy with grief.

Those who knew Manav Deena will remember him as a young man passionate about mechanics and bodybuilding. “He took mechanics courses and worked in a garage. In his free time, he enjoyed playing sports. He was a bodybuilding enthusiast. In 2021, he finished second in his category,” adds Anil.

He specifies that he does not know the young woman who was with his son. “He told me he was going to be alone. I don't know this young woman. It’s tragic for his family too,” he said.

Dhritee Jagmohansing's loved ones are just as devastated. “She had gone to work. We're not sure what happened next. We don't know the boy who was with her. The circumstances of this accident are still unclear,” confides one of them.

As for the driver of the truck, he was arrested. He will have to appear before the Moka court this Friday February 2, 2024 on a provisional charge of manslaughter.

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