Successful raid carried out by bloodhounds from the Anti-Drug & Smuggling Unit (Adsu) of Saint-Pierre. On Wednesday June 12, thanks to precise information indicating that 'tasers' were stored at a merchant in the village of Riche-Mare, Flacq, the squad, led by Inspector Luckmun, carried out a search at the home of a man named Mohamed Naid Bhojul. During the search, the police actually discovered objects deemed illegal: four 'tasers', including one with a capacity of 5000 volts.

In addition to these 'tasers', investigators got their hands on a large stock (24,992) of tobacco papers (ti-papye) from the OCB Premium brand. A large part of these notebooks were still sealed in their boxes. As the search progressed, investigators also discovered Tramazac 50 mg brand psychotropic drug capsules.

Following this raid, the suspect, aged 44, was placed under arrest. On Thursday, he was provisionally charged with “illegal possession of a firearm.” This trader will also be investigated by the Mauritius Revenue Authority for the possession of prohibited objects (tobacco papers). The anti-drug squad is investigating to determine whether the suspect is a major player in the distribution of tobacco papers in the eastern region of the island.

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