• Suspect admitted to hospital

A 53-year-old man from Sainte-Croix was arrested on the evening of Sunday June 9. During an argument with his ex-wife, the suspect broke a beer bottle before pointing the shard in the direction of the 51-year-old woman. “Mo pou trans to lagorz ar sa kan to pe dormi aswar,” threatened the suspect.

Fearing for her safety, especially as she had already been attacked with a knife in the past, the woman went to the Abercrombie police station to file a complaint on Sunday evening. Police went to the victim's home. The suspect who was present on site was arrested and detained in a cell at the Pope-Hennessy station on Sunday evening. Shortly after, the suspect complained of pain and was taken to hospital, where he received necessary treatment. He will be provisionally charged with domestic violence.

In her complaint, the alleged victim claims to have been separated from her husband since 2018. But due to lack of means, she took up residence in a house located in the courtyard where he lives. According to the victim, her ex-husband is a violent man and addicted to drugs. She told police that on Sunday morning he started insulting her.

The situation worsened in the afternoon, according to the fifty-year-old. And later in the evening, around 8:30 p.m., she claims that her ex-husband appeared in front of her, with a bottle of beer. In a rage, he shattered the bottle before using the shard to threaten her. The suspect allegedly placed the broken bottle around the neck of the fifty-year-old.

The investigation is under the supervision of the Woman Assistant Superintendent Of Police (WASP) Bundoo.

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