It is with a sense of accomplishment that Dr Yasheel Aukhojee announces the international expansion of Doctor at Home in the United Arab Emirates. This new stage marks a decisive turning point for the director, as well as for his entire team. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was just signed on April 19 with a local medical center based in Ajman and operations are expected to begin in October, once the team is installed.

After a year of negotiations, the project is finally finalized. Physician at Home is expanding into the United Arab Emirates, an international expansion of great significance for director and founder, Dr. Yasheel Aukhojee. “As a Mauritian, it is an immeasurable honor for me to extend our premium healthcare service to the United Arab Emirates. The growing demand for our services demonstrates global recognition of our Mauritian home doctor company. This represents a realization of long-standing commitments (over 10 years) to deliver superior healthcare in an ever-changing global context,” explains Dr Aukhojee.

In the United Arab Emirates, a new team will be formed, supported by that of Mauritius with the expertise of different doctors as well as new recruits. “We are currently training the team by recruiting doctors and paramedical staff. Our team in Mauritius will come and go to ensure the standard and quality of services,” explains the director who has partnered with Jabal Sina Medical Centre, a local medical center based in Ajman to be able to implement set up this home doctor service in the United Arab Emirates.

For our interlocutor, it is through hard work, unfailing dedication and perseverance in the face of adversity that the team manages to achieve its objectives. “Our medical and non-medical teams embody these values ​​every day. This demonstrates their unwavering commitment to providing first-class care to our patients, even in difficult circumstances such as the Covid-19 health crisis or emergency situations such as flooding,” it says.

A journey centered around care

Dr. Yasheel Aukhojee, with over a decade of experience in the public and private sectors, has acquired varied expertise. After receiving his medical degree, he decided to return to serve his homeland. He worked as a doctor on a cruise ship before joining the public health sector. With his experience in major hospitals, he embraced his passion by working to make healthcare accessible to every Mauritian.

Founder of Doctor at Home, he revolutionized the healthcare delivery model, positioning the company as a pioneer in home medicine. Dr. Yasheel Aukhojee is a strong advocate for social causes, actively investing in improving the quality of life of citizens, especially the elderly. To date, Médecin à domicile has around thirty doctors and a team of non-medical staff.

Key members of the company include Dr Mokshad Purahoo, current Operations Director based in Cambridge, UK, who will take on the role of Regional Director for the Middle East in the UAE upon relocating there. We also find Dr Khushyant Mungar who is currently the chief medical director in Mauritius.

“Best Workplace Award”

Another achievement for Home Doctor; in 2023, it was the first medical company to win the “Best Workplace Award”. In the “Best Workplaces Mauritius 2023” list, from the Great Place to Work® label, Médecin à domicile found itself among the five best companies in the category of less than 50 employees where it is good to work in 2023. “I thank my parents and all those who believed in me, as well as all those who were part of this journey. There is still a long way to go,” says Dr Yasheel Aukhojee.

For him, the goal of Médecin à domicile is to provide high-quality health care to everyone, wherever it is needed. “We have the will and the motivation to achieve this. And we know we can do it. Beyond recognition and achievements, we firmly believe that with will and support, everything becomes possible, whether for the company or for the country,” specifies Dr. Aukhojee, while emphasizing that the team looks forward to meeting the challenges ahead and contributing significantly to improving the health and well-being of populations, both in Mauritius and abroad.

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