• One of the young man’s relatives: “Zot inn kas so kot ek pers so lung”

After Danté Begue, singer of the group Black Power, put behind bars by the Major Crime Investigation Team (MCIT), two other relatives of Goolam Khodabux, killed during the May 3 brawl at Camp-Yoloff, will be questioned. They are Ikhelase Dilmamode and Nadhir Khodabux, respectively son-in-law and son of the deceased.

If on the Central Barracks side, investigators have not rushed so far to question Nadhir Khodabux, 38, it is because he is recovering from his injuries after being stabbed during this clash between two gangs. “Zot inn kas so kot, pers so lung ek koup so lamin”, indicates one of his relatives to Défi Quotidien.

Nadhir Khodabux underwent two surgeries during his hospitalization. Since then, according to this same relative, he has suffered from respiratory problems. “Kan li marse, li mank ler. Li pa kapav mars boukou. It's still normal. Zame li ti mank ler,” says this relative.

Nadhir Khodabux has already obtained his authorization to leave the hospital. But the team of Superintendent Seebaruth and Inspectors Dewoo and Juggoo waits until his state of health improves to question him about his presence at the Camp-Yoloff roundabout on Friday, May 3, 2024. According to video surveillance recordings CCTV cameras requisitioned by the MCIT, it was Nadhir Khodabux who was at the wheel of the black Mitsubishi car in which his father Goolam Khodabux, Danté Begue and Ikhelase Dilmamode were seated when they arrived at this roundabout.

Arrested last Friday, Danté Begue was confronted, at the beginning of the week, with images from these cameras. He admitted to being there that day. He was armed with a saber during what was supposed to be a settling of scores. He was filmed fleeing. “Si mo pa ti sove, zot ti pou fini touy mwa,” he told the MCIT sleuths in a preliminary version. He is the subject of a provisional charge of criminal association before the Port-Louis court.

As part of the investigation, Issa Bacsoo, Meraj Bageerutty, Nawfar Kodabuckus, Nasif Hossenbuccus, Sharaad Usamah Kurmally, Kenwell Julien Marie, Nadhir Khan Chetty and Nadeem Bheekhun are behind bars. Presented before the Port-Louis court, they are provisionally accused of murder.

The first elements available to investigators indicate that this fatal brawl was the backdrop to a clash that occurred in Karo Kalyptis, Roche-Bois. One of the members of Issa Bacsoo's gang was allegedly attacked and his cell phone stolen. Goolam Khodabux's gang would then have gone to the Camp-Yoloff roundabout during a scheduled meeting aimed at returning this cell phone. It would be at this time that the situation would have escalated between the two gangs.

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