“My mom, she’s the best! » In her child's voice, Iqra Utim, aged 6, describes her mother Rufaydah as a flower. We met her at her home in Plaine-Magnien. The little girl lives surrounded by her mother, her father Yuusuf Ally, her big sister Amelia and her big brother Zaki.

Iqra says that every morning, her mother wakes up before everyone else to pray. Then, she comes to wake up her sister, her brother and herself to get them ready for school. “My mom gives me a lot of cuddles to get me out of bed,” she confides, smiling. And what does she like about her mom? Without hesitation, Iqra responds: “She buys me lots of cakes!” »

She also loves the fact that her mom is a middle school teacher and educates other children. “It’s great what she does!” » says Iqra. And then, she “loves” when her mother prepares good meals for her. Does she help in the kitchen? ” Yes. I beat the eggs so mom makes me an omelette, even if I make a mess on the table,” she admits with a laugh.

Iqra says her mom takes her everywhere she goes. “I’m like her handbag, I always accompany her,” she laughs. She says she feels lucky to have a mother like Rufaydah. For what ? “When I cry, she cuddles me and consoles me. She plays with me when my sister and brother don't want to. I know I tire her a lot because I'm very capricious. But my mother is very strong and she knows how to do everything,” she replies.

Her mother helps her with her homework even if she is tired after her day's work, Iqra continues. “My mom always reassures me when I'm scared. She never misses the opportunity to celebrate my birthday. She gives me lots of toys and buys everything I like. On Mother's Day this Sunday, I want to remind her that even though she scolds me when I misbehave with my sister and brother, I love her more than anything in the world. »

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