Motherhood is a precious gift that she almost no longer hoped for. “I was diagnosed as infertile,” says Jasmine Chevery, 36 years old. And yet, eight years ago, she gave birth to her “blessed child”, her precious Ezekiel, whom she almost lost during her pregnancy. “I can't explain how I feel, but I know he is my precious gift from God,” said the Glen Park resident.

In the warm glow of motherhood, Jasmine Chevery illuminates her son's world with her unwavering love and indomitable strength. Standing against all odds even though she only has one leg, she is the very embodiment of determination, despite the numerous trials that have marked her journey. She is determined to be an exemplary mother to her son.

His journey is a vibrant hymn to human resilience. At the age of 8, a tragic event turned his life upside down. “I was dancing with my sister when I fell. At the hospital, the doctor simply put a cast on my foot, without a thorough examination. A month later, returning to the hospital was like a bolt from the blue. My foot was completely black,” she shares with emotion.

Faced with the rapid progression of gangrene, she was urgently transferred from Rodrigues Island to Mauritius. “The doctors had no choice but to amputate my leg. Losing a part of yourself so young was devastating. I knew that my life would never again be like that of other children,” she remembers with nostalgia.

However, instead of succumbing to despair, Jasmine Chevery chooses to fight with an iron will. Leaning on her trusty crutches, she defies the predictions and moves forward in life with courage. “My mother has been my rock. When I was offered a wheelchair when I left the hospital, she insisted on crutches. She refused to see me confined. She wanted me to stand up, no matter what,” Jasmine says gratefully.

Driven by her mother's unwavering strength, she learns to walk again, firmly rejecting the idea of ​​being limited by a wheelchair. Despite obstacles and prejudices, she moves forward, determined to make her way in a world that, at times, seemed to reject her. “My mother did everything to ensure that I grew up like a normal child. Finding a school was a struggle, but my mom insisted I was disabled but just as capable as any other child. I was able to finish high school. Then I started working as a receptionist,” she continues.

Despite her handicap, Jasmine Chevery never gave up. She then meets the man who will share her life for 12 years and become the father of her child. Her pregnancy is an unexpected revelation. “Discovering my pregnancy was pure joy. My child is a miracle…”

However, her pregnancy will not be easy. She encountered some complications and doctors recommended that she remain bedridden for several weeks. However, after three days, Jasmine Chevery decided to take charge and start working again. “I was going to work by bus with my big belly and without one leg. It wasn’t easy but I worked until the day before I gave birth,” she says.

Her path was strewn with pitfalls, but also with moments of pure joy and deep happiness. “Ezekiel is my light of life. Despite my disability, I always did my best for my son. My mom and my son's dad's mother were very supportive. As for my partner, life tested us and our relationship ended. We separated two years ago,” says Jasmine Chevery, who has since lived alone with her son. Ezekiel is the center of his universe. Together, mother and son have built a small, intimate world, woven with complicity and unalterable tenderness.

Every day, she marvels at the blessing that her child is, a true divine gift in her life. “My son is my joy of life. I know I have to fight for him. Sometimes it's not easy, but once again, my mom supports me and Ezekiel is growing up too. When I am discouraged, he encourages me. When my morale is at zero, he makes me smile. He helps me with household chores. He massages my foot if I say my foot hurts. He gives me advice. At the supermarket, he pushes the shopping cart. In short, he supports me,” confides the latter.

Jasmine Chevery's road is not easy. The weight of education as a single and disabled mother, the doubts and fears… But through each ordeal, she finds the unwavering strength to continue moving forward. Her son is her light in the darkness, her rock in the storm, her inspiration in every breath. “I do my best to ensure that Ezekiel is a happy and fulfilled child. We have an unbreakable bond, he and I. »

Today, Jasmine Chevery looks at her son with infinite gratitude. Her love for him is immeasurable, her pride inexhaustible. In his eyes she sees the future, full of possibilities and hopes. She knows their journey together won't be easy, but she's ready to face each challenge with unwavering determination. To other mothers like her, she appeals: “Believe in yourself, despite the difficulties. See life with all the possibilities. Think about your child. This will give you courage for tomorrow. »

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