Once upon a time, Jean Michel Lee Shim, under the reign of Navin Ramgoolam, obtained the famous operating permit to launch SMS Pariaz. Ah, the good Labor years when everything was simpler: a handshake, a license and presto, all bets were off!

Then in a twist worthy of the best drama series, our betting magnate decided to support the MSM in the 2019 general elections. And not with a small amount, no sir. He bet Rs 10 million on the orange horse. A truly royal bet…

But wait, the story gets even tastier. As a thank you, the government hastened to facilitate the rise of the brand new People's Turf PLC (PTP), to the detriment of the venerable Mauritius Turf Club (MTC). All this because this bicentennial institution refused to bend to the whims of the PTP.

And the victims? They are many. The legendary and respected Gujadhur team had to withdraw, refusing to collaborate with the PTP. With his Rs 10 million invested in the MSM campaign in 2019, Jean Michel Lee Shim proved that in this great political ball, it is the one who pays the orchestra who chooses the music.

Now that the government has decided to throw the PTP overboard in order to reconnect with the MTC, our dear Jean Michel Lee Shim suddenly becomes a political orphan. What will he do? Everything suggests that he could reconnect with his old love, the PTr, of course!

Nothing like an old relationship to bring back good memories. “I was a member of the Labor Party,” he said proudly. Betting is good, but politics is an art!

Political prostitution

With disarming sincerity, Jean Michel Lee Shim assured that he will only finance one party. “I will support only one party, but I haven’t chosen yet. We will not engage in political prostitution by supporting more than one,” he proclaimed. Political prostitution, you say? Coming from a man who changes sides like shirts, one could see a certain irony in this.

Despite his statements about his aversion to “political prostitution,” his actions speak for themselves. It is clear that for donors, political support is above all a question of return on investment. This behavior highlights a paradoxical figure: a man who, while publicly rejecting the multiplicity of allegiances, does not hesitate to navigate between different political camps to preserve or even expand his financial empire.

These incestuous relationships between politicians and donors, combined with the lack of regulation of political party financing, allow businessmen to play a disproportionate role in elections and government decisions. Their ability to influence political and economic decisions underlines the fragility of institutions in the face of the power of money.

Donors become key players, orienting public policies not according to the general interest, but to their private interests. Political puppets dance to the whim of financial interests. This situation creates fertile ground for corruption, abuse of power and injustice.

The journey of Jean Michel Lee Shim illustrates the dangers of a system where donors disrupt the balance of power between two blocs. The financing of political parties in Mauritius resembles a waltz of shadows where money flows freely and favors are exchanged faster than cards in a game of poker. But at the end of the mandate, if we have the impression that they are putting lead in the wing of the ruling party, these donors are thrown away like worn socks.

Compulsive gambler

The political loyalty of this big donor is as stable as a compulsive gambler facing Russian roulette. Raising the possibility of financially supporting a party other than the MSM in the next elections, Jean Michel Lee Shim recalls that in the world of business and politics, loyalty is as rare as a racehorse with wings.

He thus perfectly embodies the political chameleon, ready to change color to adapt to his environment… for the simple reason that he is an atypical donor. Unlike him, the vast majority, if not almost all, of the big donors keep one foot in each dish by financing two blocks. Of course, not fairly. The lion's share of donations will go to the bloc they are leaning toward or the one headed toward certain victory.

Jean Michel Lee Shim risks having the Mauritius Revenue Authority and the Financial Crimes Commission on his tail if he does not retract for daring to say: “I will support only one party, but I have not yet chosen. » Is this gross clumsiness on his part? Let's wait and see!

N. B: The elements of this analysis are drawn from the remarks of Jean Michel Lee Shim who was the guest of Nawaz Noorbux on the set of Radio Plus during the program “Au coeur de l’info”, last Friday, which was co-hosted by Patrice Esmyot and Santosh Ramdin.

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