“I’m not going to mix politics. It’s poison for racing in Mauritius. I see Jean Michel Lee Shim leaving with his tail between his legs. He wants to go to Madagascar and Sri Lanka? Can he know these countries better than the Mauritius Turf Club. We all know what the situation is in these countries. Lee Shim bizin pa vinn anbet tirfis. I am governed by sagrin folds. The Mauritius Turf Club organized the tournament and won Rs 800 million from the 'betting tax'. I left last, governor inn gained in kar his mountan-la. Anyway, I don't know what to do, I can't find anything else. »

What does he think about the future of racing? “I think the MTC is ready to take over. The words of Gavin Glover, the President of the Club, warmed me up. I think the MTC can resume the 'any time' organization. We have it all. And we can find our old bann lanbians with Barbe, Maiden or International Jockeys Day,” said the former president.

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