Finance Minister Renganaden Padayachy announced “major initiatives” to modernize the judiciary. This starts with replacing the air conditioning system at New Court House, which houses the Intermediate, Industrial Court, among others.

Among the key measures announced:

  • The modernization of court premises, particularly those in the Mahébourg and Rose-Hill districts.
  • The New Court House will benefit from a state-of-the-art Variable Cooling Volume air conditioning system and a significant improvement in its connectivity.
  • Appointment of a president for the Children's Court. In addition, a Senior District Magistrate as well as additional Judicial Research Assistants and Court Officers will be appointed.
  • The digitalization of justice and court administration will be accelerated to reduce the number of pending cases and improve the execution of judgments.
  • The Law Practitioners Act will be amended to make annual participation in a Continuing Professional Development Program compulsory for all legal practitioners and legal officers. This program will include at least 12 hours of training, including 2 hours devoted to ethics.

Among the other projects identified

District courses

  • A videoconferencing system for all district courts.
  • Installation of a device to record the duration of hearings.
  • Repair of electrical wiring and waterproofing at the Rose-Hill court.
  • Revision of the fire alarm system at the Mahébourg court.
  • Development of a structure to house a generator at the Grand-Port district court.

New Court House

  • Updating the LAN computer network.
  • Replacement of damaged tiles.

Former Supreme Court

  • The historic building will be upgraded.
  • Restoration of law books (library).
  • Installation of shutters on facades and parking entrances & reinforcement of exhibition rooms.

Children's Court

  • Case Management System for the juvenile court.
  • A videoconferencing system


  • Vehicle purchases.
  • Replacement of IT equipment.
  • Computerization of the revenue collection system.
  • Acquisition of generators.
  • E-judiciary online service for judges in the chambers and register of the Supreme Court.

Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

  • Modernization of office buildings.
  • Online project for communicating files (briefs) to lawyers.
  • Character Certificate Online Services.
  • Videoconferencing unit.
  • Purchase of IT equipment.
  • Purchase of air conditioning equipment.

Solicitor General

  • Project to put online a directory of Mauritius laws.
  • Videoconferencing project.
  • Purchase of IT equipment.

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