The work of the judicial investigation into the death of Pravin Kanakiah resumed in Souillac court on Monday February 26. Called to the witness box before the Souillac court this afternoon, Sergeant Tapsee maintains that Pravin Kanakiah showed no signs of distress.

The sergeant maintained that he saw Pravin Kanakiah while he was jogging at Roche-qui-Pleure in Souillac on December 10, 2020 around 5:30 p.m., the day the victim disappeared. The next day, the police officer said he received a photo of his colleague on WhatsApp. That's when he realized he had seen this man the day before. And finally it was through social networks that he said he learned that the man in question was Pravin Kanakiah.

Questioned by Me Rama Valayden, Sergeant Tapsee explained that he no longer remembers the name of the police officer who sent him the photo, adding that he had lost his mobile phone in March 2021. Sergeant Tapsee also claimed to have never was asked by investigators to identify the victim.

The work of this judicial investigation has been adjourned until March 4.

Remember that the lifeless body of Pravin Kanakiah, aged 38 and who worked as a Procurement Officer at the Ministry of Finance, was found near Roche-qui-Pleure, in Gris-Gris, on December 11, 2020.

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