Users of the mobile payment application, Juice by MCB, received a message encouraging them to re-register their SIM cards. Indeed, when they opened the application on their smartphone on Wednesday April 3, 2024, a window was automatically displayed with the following message: “Reminder. To maintain access to MCB Juice, SMS Banking, and Refill, re-register your SIM card with your operator before April 30 2024.”

Juice by MCB users who oppose the re-registration of SIM cards took this message badly. Several of them accused the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) of playing into the hands of the authorities who imposed the exercise despite the cases in Court.

“All accomplices!” This is what MCB recently deployed on its Juice application. If they are going to continue with their blackmail, then there is only one solution: withdraw all the money and close the account. As if the bank could not deploy an external authenticator to replace the usage of the phone number? », protests an Internet user on the social network Facebook.

Asked by Le Défi Quotidien for a reaction, the MCB did not wish to comment.

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