North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has promised that Pyongyang would not hesitate to “end” South Korea in the event of an attack, the state agency reported on Friday, at a time when relations between the two countries are under pressure. at the lowest.

Nuclear-armed North Korea this year declared South Korea its “primary enemy”, closed agencies dedicated to reunification, and threatened war over any territorial violations.

“If the enemy dares to use force against our country, we will take a bold decision that will change history and will not hesitate to mobilize all super powers (military) to put an end to it,” the leader said according to North Korean news agency KCNA.

“Peace is not something you beg for or exchange through negotiations,” he added.

Kim Jong Un made the remarks at a Defense Ministry event marking the anniversary of the founding of the country's military, KCNA said.

The leader had already declared last month that in the event of provocation his army would have to “annihilate” the enemy, South Korea and its ally the United States.

Footage released by KCNA shows Kim holding the hand of his daughter, Ju Ae, who some analysts say is being groomed to succeed him.

It also shows the father and daughter being cheered by soldiers in uniform, and posing for photos with army commanders.

“The decision to define the puppet (South) Koreans as the main hostile nation and the unchanging enemy” and “to occupy and destroy their territory in an emergency situation is in the interests of the eternal security of our country,” Kim Jong Un further underlined, according to KCNA.

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol warned last week that the “irrational” North Korean government was likely to engage in multiple provocations, including cyberattacks and drone intrusions, ahead of South Korea's April elections .

In January, South Korea's defense minister said North Korea would risk bringing about the end of the regime if it went to war.

North Korea's parliament voted Wednesday to abolish laws on economic cooperation with the South, according to KCNA. Kim Jong Un has also stepped up his weapons tests, including launching a series of cruise missiles this year.

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