Shakeel Mohamed officially handed over leadership of the opposition to Arvin Boolell this afternoon. The position of leader of the opposition therefore falls to the Leader of the Labor Party in Parliament. The resignation letter was submitted to the office of the President of the Republic as well as that of the Vice-President.

Arvin Boolell declares himself calm and hopes that his proposals will be approved.

Shakeel Mohamed, at a press conference this Monday alongside Arvin Boolell and other members of the PTr, explained that before resigning from his position as opposition leader, he had written a letter to the Head of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission to request an investigation into the possible presence of a state official at a political meeting.

He also returned to the judgment of Yogida Sawmynaden in the Constituency Clerk case. He said he noted that the magistrate expressed doubts about the government deputy.

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