Vigilance has been increased at town hall level after the recent cases of leptospirosis which were detected on the island. It is indicated that the cleaning of vacant lots and rodent control is carried out by private contractors.
The latter carry out inspections before installing poisoned bait, especially around markets.

“Rodent Control is ongoing” explains Dooshiant Ramluckhun, mayor of Quatre-Bornes, in a statement to RadioPlus this Wednesday afternoon.

Isoop Nujurally, the lord mayor, explains to him that there have been “rodent controls” around the central market for more than a year.

You should know that five deaths have been attributed to leptospirosis, according to information provided by the Ministry of Health this Wednesday. Mauritius also has five active cases.

The regions where these cases were detected are: Piton, Crève-cœur, Ste-Croix, St-Hilaire and Quatre-Bornes. A rodent control campaign is underway in the regions concerned. The Rodent Control Unit under the aegis of the Ministry of Health was called upon for this exercise.

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