Endless waiting at the counters; frustration of road users and lengthening queues… These are well-known problems for citizens who go to the counters of the National Land Transport Authority (NLTA) to make their payments. Faced with this now critical situation, the Ministry of Land Transport and Light Rail will announce a major action plan intended to promote fluidity at the counters of its services.

Although the details of the action plan are still confidential, certain avenues are already emerging. According to information, the digitalization of services appears to be a priority. Indeed, a development of online procedures could relieve overcrowding at counters. “The objective is to make as many administrative procedures as possible from home via an intuitive and accessible online platform,” says a source.

Another measure: training and team building. NLTA agents will be trained in new technologies and new procedures in order to increase efficiency and speed. It is very likely that recruitment will be planned to increase the workforce during peak hours, an essential measure to reduce waiting times. A possible return to the old method, limiting tickets per day, is being studied.

For several months, user complaints have been piling up. The main criticism? Chronic inefficiency which often leads to excessive waiting times. “It is not uncommon to have to wait a whole day for a simple formality,” confides an exasperated user.

“The details of the plan will be revealed in the coming weeks, but already, expectations are high. We are working hard on the file,” the Ministry of Land Transport and Light Rail emphasizes.

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