Employees of the National Land Transport Authority, who do not provide satisfactory service to customers coming to complete their procedures, will be sanctioned. This is what emerges from a press release issued Wednesday morning by the management of the organization.

The National Land Transport Authority (NLTA) will be tough on officers who fail to do their job properly in providing satisfactory service to customers. This follows numerous complaints about long queues at NLTA counters in Cassis, Port-Louis, Forest Side and Flacq. “NLTA counter services at the Head Office in Cassis, at the Customer Service Center in Flacq, at SGS Ltd in Forest Side and on the ground floor of the Emmanuel Anquetil building in Port-Louis are operational from 8:45 a.m. to 3 p.m.,” says the press release. The last ticket issued at these three points is at 3 p.m. The public is therefore asked to inform the NLTA, at its Head Office in Cassis, in the event of non-issuance of a ticket at this time. “The NLTA will take immediate action, following well-founded complaints, against any agent not providing a satisfactory and acceptable level of service to the public,” the press release specifies.

Long queues at the NLTA counters are also legion. Road users turned to Le Défi Quotidien a few days ago to decry these long queues and the “unexpected closure” of counters. Some complain of having been faced with “an interminable wait”, even before the opening of the Cassis Head Office.

Ramjaun, a resident of Vallée-des-Prêtres, recounted his “misadventure” of Wednesday April 17. According to him, he arrived at the NLTA at 2:30 p.m. He said he was surprised to see that only two cash registers were open “despite great birth”. Worse still, the doors closed without notice or warning, leaving users in uncertainty. Ramjaun also deplores a lack of staff and believes that “the service must be reviewed due to the length of the queues”.

The situation, it is suggested, is not much better at the Emmanuel Anquetil building in Port-Louis. The queues are much longer there. “Most of the counters are closed. Bann dimounn bizin atann dibout pour servis ki zot pe rode ek lake-la al or ennn long distances”, we specify.

Le Défi Quotidien went there on Wednesday afternoon for an observation. About a hundred people were waiting in line, impatiently waiting for their turn. “I've been waiting for 9 hours and I'm tired,” said a driver, holding a piece of paper with today's date, her car's registration and her number in the queue. She adds: “I think the authorities need to resolve this problem quickly, because these long queues are a real ordeal for us. »

The Advisor on Information Matters at the Ministry of Land Transport, Vincent Seetaram, was asked for a statement. He said he “took note” of the situation.

Decision welcomed by Internet users

Many Internet users reacted following the NLTA's decision to sanction employees who do not provide satisfactory service to customers. They spoke out on Facebook.
The comments have been reproduced in their original version:

  • Pravish: “O minus n good zafer. Si possib si ti kpav mett n printed copy outside bane buro nlta osi”.
  • Irrshad: “Finally. Thanks to the person who took the initiative.”
  • Nauzeer: “Since then temp ti bizin put a lord in charge of it. Zot perna manier cause r dimoun”.
  • Noormahomed: “Everytime the officers finish with a client they chat with some people thus wasting time and every 30/40 minutes tea break or toilet”.

Mayhem at Cassis' office

The situation turned sour last week at Cassis' office. Members of the public who had traveled to regularize their vehicles were faced with an endless queue. In addition, the electronic ticket display system was faulty.

Jayen Chellum pleads for after-hours service

The secretary general of the Consumers' Association of Mauritius (Acim) emphasizes that the government must put in place a mechanism “to decongest the situation”. He believes that “the service should be able to operate beyond office hours, even by encouraging employees to work overtime for pay.” Jayen Chellum adds that NLTA is a service that generates billions of rupees. It also offers the implementation of an online system.

Anger roars

Le Défi Quotidien also met some drivers at the NLTA office in the Emmanuel Anquetil building. Damien, a father, had been there since 6:30 a.m. “I think the NLTA needs to recruit staff so that the payment and registration process can be done faster. Every day, it's the same thing. Nounn plin ar his situation,” he laments.
Sudesh, a resident of Quatre-Bornes, agrees. “I have been at the Port-Louis office since 9:30 a.m. Monn is tired atann. Mank dimounn pour travay isi. “Ti bizin pran plis dimounn lerla fer li plizir group,” he suggests.

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