20 winners found the six correct Loto numbers this Wednesday, April 24. They thus share the jackpot of Rs 36 million. This is indicated in the Lottotech press release, issued this evening.

The winning Loto tickets were sold by: Allet Boutique, Chung Fat Store, Renaissance Store, Sungkoora Pools & Lotteries, Winner's – Goodlands, King Savers – Goodlands, Tabagie R. Obheegadoo, London Way – Rivière-Noire, Winner's – Saint Paul , Vegetarian Foods And Health Store, Snack Orientale Winner's – Trianon (2), Knight Rider Self Service, Happy Corner, Tabagie Arena, General Store – Rose Hill, James Store, U EXPRESS – Tamarin, Hotel Cassim.

On the other hand, no player has found the winning Loto Plus combination.

For further details, please see the Lottotech press release below:

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