“Macadams” within the Opposition alliance: What outcome? This will be the theme of the program “Au Cœur de l’Info” this afternoon. Prem Sewpaul will receive Adrien Duval from the PMSD and Eshan Juman from the Labor Party.

The opposition alliance, made up of the Labor Party, the MMM and the PMSD, has experienced turbulence since Navin Ramgoolam, the leader of the Labor Party and the alliance, announced the distribution of tickets. The PMSD was the most vocal, with Adrien Duval at the heart of the debates.

Have the disputes been resolved? This is the question that will be addressed this afternoon.

Don’t miss “Au Cœur de l’Info” today from 5 p.m. on Radio Plus. The show will also be broadcast live on the Facebook page and on the TéléPlus channel.

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