Kendji and Kenny Morvant, brothers originally from Mauritius but based in Madagascar, are at the heart of a drug trafficking affair between the two islands. The trio, also including Jules Roddy Avoula, is in police custody. The Mauritian authorities will continue their investigation with the cooperation of Interpol and the Malagasy police to unravel the ramifications of this “Drug Connection”.

Mauritians based in Madagascar are suspected of being the masterminds of major drug trafficking intended to supply the Mauritian narcotics market. This week, the Malagasy police foiled green gold trafficking by seizing 9,822 kilos of “skunk” (a variety of cannabis). According to the first elements of the investigation opened by the Antananarivo Criminal Research Section, this is a network involved in international drug trafficking which has been bypassed.

In the dock: Kenny Morvant, 38 years old, and Kendji Morvant, 34 years old, two brothers from Simé Trésor, Baie-du-Tombeau. They are referred to in their neighborhood as “Bosses”. But for some time now, they have left Mauritian territory to settle down on the Big Island. There too, they are in the sights of the Malagasy police.

Both, alongside Jules Roddy Avoula, make up the trio of alleged Mauritian drug traffickers who have once again interested the Malagasy police since May 15, 2024. Date on which nearly 10 kilos of skunk were seized from a certain Juvento Nafompona, a resident of Toamasina, a port city located on the east coast of Madagascar.

At his home, a stock of skunk already packaged and packaged in plastic packaging was discovered. First observation by Malagasy investigators: “This drug, considered a hard drug in the Big Island, is not cultivated in Madagascar. It is imported. It is much more powerful than other conventional drugs. »

Arrested, the trio is kept in police custody. Just like the Morvant brothers, Jules Roddy Avoula stood out alongside two other individuals in Nosy Be in June 2018, when they were preparing to transport 80.2 kg of cannabis, 35.5 kg of hashish and 25 .5 kg of heroin to Mauritius.

The Police Headquarters intend to contact Interpol and the Malagasy police for additional information on recent developments on the Big Island. “Zot bann gro Target Adsu. Plizir fwa inn fer lafouy kot zot,” indicate several bloodhounds from the drug brigade assigned to the headquarters of the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (Adsu) of the Central Barracks.

The Morvant brothers were closely monitored by the anti-drug squad. In March 2022, the Rose-Hill Adsu squad targeted them in a hunt. But one of the brothers, Kendji Issac Morvant, stepped up to the plate by denouncing the intervention which he described as heavy-handed. He had requested the services of lawyer Rama Valayden.

During a press conference, Kendji Morvant, who trained as a hairdresser, accused Adsu of having demanded money from him, otherwise drugs would be “planted” at his home. “My winn call inn dir mwa mo bizin given larzan ou pu vini pou met ladrog ar mo fami. Monn dir mo pa ladan, mo pe travay, mo ena mo salon ek mo business,” he said. He had even sworn an affidavit to this effect before the Supreme Court.

His lawyer, Me Rama Valayden, had sent two letters to the office of the police commissioner after the “strong” raid of the anti-drug squad at the Morvants. “Kendji Issac Morvan so family inn won Case lapolis. So lavi inn vinn enn kosmar. Enn linite l’Adsu tromatiz ennn fami,” the lawyer declared during the press conference.

The Morvant brothers subsequently flew to Madagascar. They weren't any luckier there. Both, as well as other Mauritians, were arrested as part of an investigation into the seizure of 839 grams of heroin whose street value was estimated at Rs 12.5 million. According to the Grande Île narcotics brigade, this drug was seized from three Mauritian nationals in hiding on Malagasy territory.

A month earlier, in February 2023, a speedboat, called the Bras-D'Eau, registered in Mauritius and equipped with two engines was discovered in Nosibe-Maintialaka in the Vohémar port district located in the North-East of the Big Island. The Malagasy police suspected this boat of being used in drug trafficking by sea between Madagascar and Mauritius.

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