Since his childhood, Issack Muhammad Basheer-Ud-Deen, 29, has held various jobs, including selling cakes, CDs and other items, while continuing his education. After working as a teacher and office worker, he finally chose the path of entrepreneurship.

Issack Basheer-Ud-Deen’s life took another turn after he completed his schooling at Sookdeo Bissoondoyal State College. With his HSC in hand, the young man begins to give private lessons. He teaches math. Passionate about what he does, he helped raise the average of one of his students in just one term.

Issack Basheer-Ud-Deen therefore becomes a teacher. “My students must be in Form V/Lower VI right now,” he adds with a touch of nostalgia. However, the school where he taught had financial problems. The salary was not enough for “roul enn lakaz”. In fact, he was the only one to provide for the needs of the family because my mother was unwell, explains the young man, who is married.

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