Hammerhead International Limited's Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) permit application to establish a monkey breeding farm in Le Val, Grand-Port may be refused. The Ministry of Environment said in a statement issued on Tuesday February 20 that it was established that there was a prior lease agreement between Rose-Belle Sugar Estate Council and Hammerhead International Ltd. In addition, as part of a preliminary assessment, a notification was issued on the national electronic licensing system on February 4 for a joint visit to the site scheduled for February 15, 2024.

The ministry sent a letter to both parties seeking confirmation of the status of the lease agreement. He reacted to the statement from the Rose-Belle Sugar Estate council emphasizing that no lease had been granted for monkey breeding. Therefore, in the event that the Rose-Belle Sugar Estate Board formally confirms that the lease agreement will not be renewed, the processing of the EIA license application by Hammerhead International Ltd will be immediately stopped. The Ministry would like to remind the public that in accordance with section 85(1)(b) of the Environmental Protection Act 2002, any person who, after being required to submit a report or provide information under this Act, fails to do so within the prescribed time limits, or submits false or misleading information, commits an offence. Finally, the Ministry of the Environment would like to reassure the public that the processing of the EIA application was carried out diligently and that it remains committed to transparency.

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