It is an inspiring journey shared by Mrs World Mauritius, ranked among the 17 finalists in the Mrs World competition, in Las Vegas, on January 22. She confides in this adventure and her projects.

She brought honor to her country and her title. Vimla Govinda Seenauth, elected Mrs World Mauritius on June 17, shone during the Mrs World competition which took place in Las Vegas on January 22, 2024. Among the 80 candidates from around the world, she managed to climb among the 17 finalists. Engaged in several missions, a committed woman, this mother of two children fights in particular for a cause that is close to her heart: raising awareness of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), from which she herself suffers.

“Being among the top 17 contestants in the Mrs World competition is a huge achievement. I feel lucky to be among the finalists. I also won the Fabulous Face award and was ranked among the top 18 for the national costume which I designed and made myself, with the help of Mr. Laal for tailoring,” says Vimla Govinda Seenauth, 42 years old.

She emphasizes that her competitors were all exceptional, perfectly prepared with outfits and makeup done by professional artists. “Despite this, I was satisfied with my simplicity. I did my own makeup, hair, nails, and all my outfits. I finalized my national costume in Las Vegas before the day of the show… a very challenging experience, but I firmly believe that when the will is there, there is always a way,” she says.

The beauty queen also highlights the unwavering support of her family. “Especially my husband, Dr. Seenauth, for his mental support and assistance in my preparation for the competition, which is invaluable. My two daughters also encouraged and supported me,” she adds.

High school teacher Vimla Govinda Seenauth shares her incredible experience in Las Vegas, a place she describes as fabulous. She also made friends with other candidates. However, she admits that the schedule was very busy and her trip was not without its challenges.

“The worst part of this special trip was the long drive. I reached Las Vegas after three days since leaving Mauritius airport, and it was very cold. I had so much excess baggage and missed my flight to Vegas because the screening was strict. But again, with the support of my children, nothing was impossible. They never complained, and that was my greatest strength,” confides the Melrose resident.

Law student, Vimla Govinda Seenauth participated in the Mrs World Mauritius competition in order to take a break from her studies and, at the same time, as she suffers from postpartum OCD, she wanted to take some time and confront herself with new experiences.

“I was constantly in a state of anxiety. The real battle was between my OCD and my willpower. Throughout my life, I have tried to escape my OCD by pursuing my education. I have earned 5 degrees in different educational fields, a Diploma with Distinction in Education, a Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Management, a Graduate Diploma in Law, and now I am studying for the bar exam. Finally, I realized that I needed time for myself, so I entered the Mrs. Mauritius World. I met some wonderful people who supported me throughout the competition. »

Holder of the crown of Mrs World Mauritius, Vimla Govinda Seenauth plans to pursue her goals, including the promotion of breastfeeding with the help of her husband and her fellow doctors. “I myself have never given my two daughters a bottle. We often have the misconception that breastfeeding alters beauty. However, beauty does not change, it even increases, because children are closer to their mothers and in better health, not to mention that breastfeeding prevents breast cancer. »

She also wants to offer advice on how to cope with OCD. “I have met many people suffering from OCD in Mauritius, and I want to help them live fully and enjoy the beauty of life, because life is priceless and unpredictable. »

The beauty queen also wants to raise awareness about harassment. “I can't stop bullying, but I want people to know that if you're bullied and judged by someone, it doesn't define you, it defines that person. Stay positive in your mind. You are beautiful just the way you are. You are God's blessing. No one has the right to judge you. »

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