The Major Crimes Investigation Team (MCIT) and the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Bambous have been on the trail of the alleged murderer of Wilfrid Baillache since Friday. The body of the 70-year-old man was found bound and gagged at his home in Ellipse Road, Bambous.

Since Friday, the MCIT and the local CID have reviewed images from surveillance cameras in the neighborhood. The house in which the tragedy occurred is also under surveillance by CCTV cameras. But after his crime, before leaving the scene in the deceased's car, the suspect, a resident of the neighborhood who is on file with the police, took the hard drive.

His companion, Cornelis Jansen, a 67-year-old Dutch national, was also tied up in the house. He communicated the identity of the alleged suspect to the police. This is a man whom the couple invited for naughty, drunken threesome evenings at their house in Ellipse Road, Bambous. The autopsy carried out on Friday May 31 attributed the death of Wilfrid Baillache to strangulation.

Since Saturday, the police have been looking for a man named Jordan, who lives in the neighborhood. In his version to the police, Cornelis Jansen, who is under observation at the hospital, returned to this drunken and deadly evening. He recounted how he met Jordan and the relationship he and the deceased had with the suspect.

Armed with a saber and a club

According to him, Jordan came to their house around 8 p.m. Thursday for a three-way game. They first consumed alcohol and, at one point, Jordan went to the bathroom. He returned with a sword and a club in his hand and threatened the couple: “You will do what I say now.”

According to Cornelis Jansen, Jordan tied up his hands and feet, just like his companion Wilfrid Baillache, before gagging them. He then led them to two different rooms. “He tied us up and put us in two rooms,” he told police.

He adds that the suspect stole gold jewelry and their car. Soon after, Cornelis Jansen was able to break away and immediately pressed the emergency button on the security system in the house.

He then rushed into the room of his companion, Marzello Wilfrid Baillache. “He was lying on the ground, unconscious and there was blood near his mouth,” Cornelis Jansen said in his explanation to the police. The couple's stolen car was recovered around 6 a.m. Friday at La Ferme, in Bambous.

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