• Cornelis Jansen: “It was Jordan who took this rope to our house”

A theft that turned into murder. This is the fate that was reserved for Wilfrid Marzello Baillache, 71 years old. Living in the country for the last decade alongside his Dutch companion Jan Cornelis Jansen, 67, after years in Europe, the septuagenarian was killed on the evening of Thursday to Friday May 31 by a man named Jordan.

According to Cornelis Jansen, a witness to the scene, Jordan had been invited by the couple for an evening of threesomes and drinking. But things turned sour. The deceased's companion maintains that the attacker showed up at their home with a bathrobe belt in his possession. A heated argument broke out after Jordan demanded money and jewelry from them. The latter strangled Wilfrid Marzello Baillache with the belt, after throwing him to the ground. Cornelis Jansen claims to have also been attacked by the alleged murderer, who then left the scene in their car, which he abandoned a few blocks away.

The belt was recovered next to the body by the police and placed under seal as evidence. The scientific police have already combed the couple's house, especially the bedroom where the tragedy occurred in the evening of Thursday to Friday May 31.

The funeral of the deceased is planned for this Sunday, June 2. Police are still on the trail of the suspect.

Mario, brother of the deceased: “Enn dimounn family good”

Mario, the brother of the deceased, is devastated by this loss. At Défi Media Group, he confides that his brother was a bon vivant who liked to party with friends. He was also someone who cherished moments spent with family. “Li ti kontan amizman, fer fet ek fer bann ti sorted,” relates Mario. However, the latter specifies that Wilfrid was someone who had principles and was very disciplined. The brother of the deceased maintains that he trusts the investigators to shed light on this murder.

He enjoyed life to the fullest

Ten years ago, in 2014, Wilfrid Marzello Baillache returned to the country after spending around 40 years in Europe. When he was young, he headed to Europe, Belgium, to study to become a nurse. Then, he began his career there before heading to the Netherlands. During these years spent abroad, he made it a point to come to Mauritius for vacations and to spend time with his family.

A few years ago, Wilfrid became involved with Jan Cornelis Jansen, whom he met in the Netherlands. It was true love, but since it was taboo in Maurice and not knowing the reaction of those close to him, Wilfrid had hidden it from them. It was only later, during a visit to the country for a vacation, that he came accompanied by his other half. Since then, he has decided to continue his life alongside Jan Cornelis Jansen on the island.

The couple lived a good life. Between outings to the beach, to bars and nightclubs or even evenings with friends, Wilfrid and Jan Cornelis enjoyed life to the fullest.

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