Judged guilty of killing Jean Luc Jonjon, 26 years old, Hans Jonathan Rougeot, a 33-year-old former maintenance agent, was sentenced, on Tuesday May 28, 2024, at the Assises, to 26 years in prison. The drama played out on June 2, 2019, during an argument over a false dose of synthetic drug.

To the police, Hans Jonathan Rougeot said he felt no effects after consuming a dose of synthetic drug purchased from Jean Luc Jonjon, 26, on June 1, 2019 in Camp Carol, Grand-Baie.

Believing that he had been duped with the merchandise, this resident of Pereybère got on his bicycle and returned to Camp Carol to confront the seller about the deception.

The evening had ended in tragedy. The two men came to blows. During the altercation, Hans Jonathan Rougeot used the knife to stab the victim in the heart. Panicked, he fled. It was then in the early hours of June 2, 2019

On Tuesday May 28, 2024, Hans Jonathan Rougeot was sentenced to 26 years in prison. The sentence was pronounced by Judge Raj Seebaluck.

In his ruling, the judge highlighted the fact that the accused pleaded guilty in the case. Also, the fact that he had taken himself prisoner shortly after the incident and confessed to his crime. The accused's confession saved police resources.

However, Judge Seebaluck also considered the seriousness of the offense. He argued that according to the medical examiner's report, Jean Luc Jonjon had several wounds and the fatal blow was delivered through the rib cage and directly to the heart. He also described the injuries as defensive injuries.

Called to the witness box, Hans Jonathan Rougeot apologized. He said he was a drug addict. He said the tragedy happened after the victim sold him a “fake” dose of synthetic drugs and regretted his action.

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