Azize Asgarally is no more. He died on Tuesday April 2. His funeral took place the same day. In addition to his grieving loved ones, it is also the world of politics and theater which is in mourning.

Literature teacher, playwright and politician, Azize Asgarally had several strings to his bow. Those who knew him remember him as “a fine intellectual and an experienced deputy who, even if he did not hold a ministerial position, was a wise politician,” says Alain Laridon.

Azize Asgarally began his career as an MP in 1976 and was among those elected during the country's first 60-0 victory in 1982 with the Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM). He was then a candidate in constituency no. 10 alongside Ramduth Jaddoo and Jagdish Goburdhun. A few years later, he joined the Mauritian Socialist Movement (MSM).

A man of the theater, Azize Asgarally has written several plays, including “Home Again”, “Hell Hot Bungalow”, “A Man in Hiding” and “Ratsitatane” in Kreol Morisien which left its mark on the spirits through the symbolism represented by the Malagasy prince , a rebel who fought against colonialism, explains Rama Poonoosamy who worked with him in the theater world but also when he was Minister of Culture.

“During his youth at Ward 4 in Port-Louis, Azize met three great figures of the poetic world: Edouard Maunick, Rivaltz Quenette and Emmanuel Juste. He also had a great interest in theater as well as culture in general,” he adds. Also close to the trade union world, he was influenced by Henry Thoreau, philosopher, naturalist and poet, born in 1817 in the United States, who often preached civil disobedience.

The former President of the Republic, Cassam Uteem, says he has lost a long-time friend whom he knew before his involvement in politics. He is also remembered as a playwright and appearing in at least two of his plays, including “Hell Hot Bungalow.” “He was a great worker and knew how to gather young people around him,” he said.

Colleagues at the MMM before Azize Asgarally joined the MSM, Cassam Uteem adds that he was a good parliamentarian before retiring from public life. An opinion shared by Alain Laridon, who remembers him for his impactful interventions in Parliament and his great courtesy. “In addition to theater which was his passion, he also wrote several books,” maintains the former politician.

Theater man Gaston Valayden also had the opportunity to play in plays by Azize Asgarally, including “Macbeth”, for which he was the director. His life was divided between theater and politics according to him.

Azize Asgarally was a literature teacher at Eden College, a wise and courteous politician, but also a playwright who knew how to make an impression in his own way.

To all those distressed by this death, Le Défi Media Group extends its deepest sympathies.

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