In Caroline, Bel-Air, time seems to have stopped. It's hard to believe that 19-year-old Manav Deena is no longer in this world. This young car enthusiast had plans in his head. He was taking mechanics courses. At the same time he worked in a garage in Caroline.

His father Anil, 42, is proud of what his son had achieved so far. “He was interested in cars from a very young age. I myself am passionate about everything related to the automotive world, from sound systems to mechanics. He followed in my footsteps,” explains the forty-year-old.

The young man studied up to the School Certificate. He already knew what he wanted to accomplish. “After his studies at college, he started mechanics courses in a technical institution in Curepipe,” continues his father.

He was fully invested. “He had this passion. This helped him quickly understand the lessons. In May this year, he was scheduled to take exams to graduate. He was very motivated,” he says.

But young Manav was also driven by another passion: bodybuilding. “I was an inspiration and a hero to my son. I practiced jujitsu and gymnastics, among other things. I have a lot of photos of myself when I was younger. Since childhood, he had looked at these photos. He wanted to be like me. At 16, he took up bodybuilding. This desire to do well had never left him. He had joined a club. He practiced every day,” says Anil.

His physique had transformed over the sessions. “He even took part in competitions. In 2021, he finished second in his category,” says his father proudly.

In an instant, everything changed for the young man and his family. “He came out on Thursday informing me that he was going to a friend’s house in Brisée-Verdière. It was only after 7 p.m. that we received the news that he had been in a terrible motorcycle accident and that he was with a girl. They didn’t survive,” says Anil.

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